life update #1 January - celery juicing, skiing and manifesting

Winter has finally arrived in the Northern Hemisphere, or at least in Austria. It has been snowing for days. In the mornings I get to enjoy skiing on fresh powder before I start teaching, but I love being cozy inside watching the snow falling just as much. I am so happy to say that I feel content and happy with my current situation. It is the little things that make me feel great, those small moments in a day where I feel truly blessed. Wether that be a laughing child, seeing a puppy or indulding in freshly fallen snow


Finally, finally a juicer has found it's way to my home. I have heard of the incredible health benefits you get from drinking fresh celery juice first thing in the morning and have been looking forward to trying it out. Since it doesn't quite work in the morning as I am getting up early to hit the slopes and prefer a warming and nourishing porridge, I prefer having it on an empty stomach instead of lunch. Makes me feel amazing! I feel productive and peaceful at the same time. I will try out different routines, but as I am physically active in the morning, I don't need to have big meals at the end of my day. This is definitely going to be a longterm habit!

#skiing & working

Yup, skiing is my work now. To be honest, it doesn't feel like work at all. I love teaching kids and adults how to ski and makes me feel happy when I see how their technique improves whih makes them enjoy skiing more, obviously. Serving in that kind of way is amazing. Especially the fact, that I get different personalities every day suits my Vata type pretty well. It almost feels like travelling without it's Vata draining side effects.

#ZenHabits Newsletter

I am not a fan of Newsletters and Junkmails. but I highly recommend subscribing to 'ZenHabits'. I started receiving their e-mails about 2 years ago and there is not one of them that I wouldn't call beneficial. Often the subject of the newsletter suits an issue that I have been facing in my life recently. No surprise, this months edition about self concern helped me a lot to drop old beliefs about myself, that no longer serve my growth.

#New Year's resolutions

I am not a fan of New Year's resolutions or making resolutions in general. Instead I love setting intentions. They give me structure, orientation and freedom at the same time without putting to much pressure on me. I used to write down resolutions in terms of health, wealth and life in gerneral that were extremely unrealistic that I knew I wouldn't achieve my goals. This was upsetting me and weighing me down. Balance is key. I think it's good to have an intention about how you want to feel instead of what you want to be doing. Realizing this was a gamechanger for me and in the end I actually got more done effortlessly and things were flowing, because they were fitting my intention. Experiencing joy and lightness is a good example that can be practiced daily and as New Years INTENTION.


I love love love drinking matcha when I am in Bali, so I bought myself a Matcha set for christmas. Best decision ever! I almost enjoy a cup of Matcha every day after skiing. It also helps me over my coffee habit. I get the good benefits (feeling energized and awake) , it tastes better and I don't feel tired afterwards

I really love the slow live these days and my intentions for the following weeks are to start working out my legs again and keep my daily meditation practice the way I am doing it at the moment, even if I will be facing shadows.

A blogpost about this will come up soon!