The best Yogastudios in Ubud, Bali - 2018 (including prices)

1. Intuitive Flow

Practice with a view! Overlooking the famous Campuhan Ridge Walk and Mount Batur you will easily shift into a meditative state. Plus, the teachers are amazing! I enjoyed especially Sandi’s, Nina’s and Esthers Classes. Typically, morning classes are more yang- styled, while afternoons are reserved for meditative classes such as Yin, Restorative and Meditation. If you are down for an extraordinary yoga class with a spiritual touch, I highly recommend giving Lindas Pranala Yoga a try.

The studio is located in the village Penestanan. Best way of getting there is by motorbike. I encourage you to drive all the way around. There is an option of climbing stairs, but as there are new parking regulations, it is no longer safe to park there. My scooter got damaged by an angry taxidriver this year.

Even though it’s a bit far from town, a visit is totally worth it. Intuitive Flow truly is a hidden gem.

Drop in 120k IDR, 5- 400k IDR , 10 - 600k IDR, 15 - 825k IDR

2. Ubud Yoga House

Hidden in the rice fields, getting there is an adventure itself. Once you get there you will be rewarded with beautiful views. Opened in 2013 the studio was originally designed for small classes and therefore perfect for beginners and yogis looking for that exra support. There has been added a bigger shala and now most classes take place in the lower studio by the river. Take the 9am class and you will get the rice field view. Especially the Monday and Tuesday Meditations are worth a visit. Fireflys, the sound of the river and the chanting of geckos let you meditate easily.

1 - 130k IDR, 3 - 330k IDR, 5- 500k IDR, 10- 900k IDR, 20- 1,4mil IDR


3. The Yogabarn

The world-renowned yoga barn, an sanctuary for yoga, meditation and healing is my favorite of all yoga studios in Ubud. If not, in the entire world. I love the variety of classes, most teachers are great and it is convenient to get there. There are some specials (such as Vibrational Medicine, Cherish Your Chakrra, Myofascial Qigong, .. ) on their schedule, you won’t find elsewhere. If you are planning to stay longterm, there is a convenient 30day unlimited class card available.

Make sure you attend the famous Ecstatic Dance on Friday nights and Sundays and don’t be late.

My favorite classes and teachers:

  • YinYang Yoga/Paul, Hatha Yoga/Eka,Greg,Paul, Yoga with Free Weights/Nadine

  • YinYoga and Myofascial Release, Vibrational Medicine, Yoga Nidra

  • Acro Yoga and Thai Yogamassage

1 - 130k IDR, 3 - 360k IDR, 5 - 550k IDR, 10 - 1mil IDR, 20 - 1,4mil IDR, 30day Unlimited - 2.6mil IDR


Radiantly Alive

Similar to The Yogabarn, it is a popular studio, but a bit more Western Style. I can understand why it is the favorite studio of many. There are great teachers, a schedule that covers all needs and a newly opened cafe. Still, I don’t quite resonate with it. But that’s just me and I encourage you to try it anyways! :)

1 - 10$ (150k IDR). 3 - 25$ (425k IDR) 5 - 40$ (600k IDR) 10 - 75$ (1,125mil IDR) 20 - 120$ (1,8mil IDR)

1 week unlimited - 60$ (900k IDR); 2 weeks unlimited - 100$ (1,5mil IDR) 1 month unlimited - 175$ (2.6mil IDR); 2 months unlimited - 300$ (4.5mil IDR)

More Yoga

If you are still not tired after having visited the Top Studios, there are plenty of other options to roll out your mat! I haven’t tried all of the studios listed below, but they are considered great studios. Especially Moksa and Ubud Yogacentre offer great-quality classes, whereas Chakra Yoga and Saraswati are convincing with their unbeatable value (one class is only 50k IDR). Usada is a newly opened studio that friends of mine call their new favorite studio in Ubud.

4. Taksu

5. Saraswati

6. Sriman Yoga Bungalows

7. Moksa

8. Usada

9. Yoga Centre Ubud

10. Chakra Yoga

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