My favorite books for spiritual growth

Since my accident in early June I find myself reading and reading. Books are my ways of travelling and spending time when I cannot work out or go where I want to. I find inspiration and hours pass without even noticing. There are a few books on my bookshelf that I love grabbing when I need some guidance in my life, have a specific (spiritual) question or when I am in need for an inspiration to solve an issue I have been facing. I read them intuitively, which means I open up a random page and read the lines I see first. Often, it is highly connected to an issue in my life. Here‘s my list: 

1. The Power Of Now - Eckhart Tolle

2. A New Earth - Eckhart Tolle

3. The Artists Way - Julia Cameron

4. Conversations With God - Neale Donald Walsh

5. The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying