7 day juice cleanse in Ubud, Bali - Effects on body and mind

In early may this Year I attended a 7 day juice fast at the world-famous healing and yoga centre "The Yogabarn" in Ubud, Bali. My body has been telling me that a juice fast was needed for a long time. I haven't fasted before and I knew I was not going to push through a week-long fast all by myself so I looked up for juice-fasting programs in Bali. I found a 7 day retreat that was covering all my needs. 



What is included:

  • pre-fasting  welcome dinner (raw-vegan)
  • daily cold-pressed juices
  • cocobiotics, coconut water, herbal tees, water 
  • wheatgrass-shots
  • educative talks and movies about intuitive eating and plant-based nutrition
  • heart-healing session
  • water temple healing session
  • Ayurvedic foot massage
  • 1 sauna session
  • 3 colonics 
  • goodie bag with supplements for the fast (herbs, coconut oil, home enema-kit, ...)
  • 10classes @yogabarn
  • organic fruit post fasting + giant green smoothie 

 This was by far the best investment I have done towards my health. I was not hungry at any time and felt no cravings for food at all. The best thing was the huge amount of energy I felt at the end of the cleanse. The juices nourished my body perfectly.

ALKALIZING. Eating too many products with a PH level under 7 can increase the amount of toxins in your body. By juice fasting we were consuming greens and fruits with our juices that have a high alkaline level, which cleanses the body. This is super healthy! When the PH level is over 7 the body functions well and there is no sign of sickness or tiredness. Incorporating greens to your diet is the best way to alkalize quickly. My personal highlight throughout the fast were wheatgrass shots. Can you imagine that one little glass of wheatgrass consists of the same amount of nutrients as if you were eating 10kg of vegetables? Crazy , right?! During the first days of my fast my body was literally craving these little green things, but as the days past I started not to like it anymore. Our fasting coach said this was common when the body has alkalized. It just did not need that much of  it anymore. 

It is common to feel an energy low at the mid/beginning of the cleanse, around day 3. That is normal and sign of your body releasing all the toxins that have been stored in the fat cells. To make sure that this release is happening as soon as possible we got colonics, were taking yoga classes and were drinking lots of water. Probably I was consuming up to 4-6 liters a day! This might be one of the reasons I was lucky not to feel too low throughout the cleanse. Another one might have been my healthy vegan eats for the past three weeks I have been travelling in Bali.

INCREASED SENSITIVITY So this went pretty well. I was feeling more and more sensitive.. and this is something that felt at one point really uncomfortable for me. As a high-sensitive person I can feel other peoples emotions. But while fasting this has increased over the top. In a women circle a girl shared a personal tragedy, and all of a sudden sadness was rolling all over me, my stomach was in pain and almost immediately I had to run to the bathroom. I spent the rest of the evening on the couch in our room. The next time when I am cleansing I will make sure to spend more time alone and withdraw from too many events. Spending time alone was a gift and I absorbed the peaceful feelings when being in nature more than ever before. So heres my advice: Take a lot of time alone in nature when fasting.

Another highlight were the movies we watched. I knew at some point that becoming vegan would be really healthy but I was not convinced a 100 percent. These movies were proof that going plant-based would be one of the best decisions I could ever make.

  • Finding Joe: A former drug addict from San Francisco, overweight and depressed turns his life upside down by turning vegan and eating a wholesome plant-based diet.  He get the help by the owner of the vegan "Cafe Gratitude" in San Francisco
  • Forks over Knifes
  • Hungry for Change All I have to say that this one touched my soul. I ended up crying after the movie feeling deeply connected to my hearts desire and mission in this life. That truly was the intentions of  the movie makers. 

What has surprised me the most, was the huge amount of energy I felt at day 6 of my cleanse while attending an intensive yoga class. I got a deep connection to my inner voice and body. Moving it in that yoga class felt like pure bliss and the energy was almost magical. 

At the end I experienced mental clarity, physical strength, slept like a baby and all food cravings were gone. WOW!   I am already looking forward to cleansing solo with all the knowledge that I got know and I am feeling extremely grateful for this lifechanging experience! It way easier than expected and starting to eat normally felt quite hard in the beginning, because I got so sensitive to spices, salt and fats. It is recommended to eat raw vegan and low fat the first couple of days after cleansing to give your digestive system time to adjust to  normal food after its holidays ;)

Covering all inside aspects of this week-long retreat would take too long to report in detail, but if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or write me an e-mail.